A country of flowering apricot trees: "Izvestia" about Armenia

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The Russian edition of Izvestia published an article about gastronomic tourism in Armenia and the sights of the country that will surprise the Russian tourists.

In the article, in particular, it is noted that according to the number of stylish and modern buildings, Yerevan can catch up and overtake the capitals of neighboring countries, and the waiter is ready to tell a legend connected to each dish at the request of the visitor.

The author of the article, Yevgenia Priemskaya, recommends that tourists visiting Armenia, besides the khorovats, cooked in tonir, dolma and classical ghapama, try traditional khash, cooked from beef shin.

“They say that it’s best to drink khash with apricot vodka or“ Jermuk ”mineral water. In general, local apricot beer and wine will perfectly suit the Armenian feast. And, of course, homemade compotes: sweet cherries, strawberries, apricots, or sour - from cornels and quinces. But to avoid overeating and save strength for the second (or even third) line of dishes, heavy food - such as, for example, khash - is recommended to eat with radishes, which are served in large quantities on the table, ” - the author writes.

It is also noted that for dessert you should try pakhlava and gata, which deserve special attention. It also tells about Armenian wines and small wineries, where guests from Russia are always welcome.

The article also contains a number of recommendations, which cities, sights and museums in the republic should be visited by a tourist who first visited the country of flowering apricot trees.

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