Iran ralliers condemn US hostility

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Iranian protestors on Sunday condemned the US 40-year animosity against the Iranian people, and said that they will continue resisting the US animosity.

The rallies of Student Day (Aban 13, in Iranian calendar; November 4) took place today with the attendance of Iranian officials and people in front of the former US embassy in Tehran.

Iranian students captured the US embassy (Espionage Den) in Tehran in 1979 in reaction to the US efforts to interfere with Iran's domestic affairs and to topple the newly-established Islamic government.

Rallies take place annually on the same day throughout the country.

In the concluding statement, the ralliers said that countering arrogance is one of the principles of the Islamic Revolution and the fight between Islam and blasphemy, which is by no means limited to a specific time and place; disloyalty to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and reinforcing the policies of the criminal standard-bearers of the corrupt US have proved the animosity of the US against Iran.

They also emphasized the need to use the domestic capabilities to breeze through the present economic difficulties.

The statement referred to 'the child-killing, fake Zionist regime', and said that supporting the people suppressed by the US and Israel is a religious and humane duty.

It also urged the government authorities to continue the unique advances achieved in the past 40 years and be completely independent of flimsy powers.

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