Monument to Mkhitar Heratsi to be erected in Tehran

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The monument to the famous Armenian physician and 12th century scientist Mkhitar Heratsi will be erected in Tehran, the press service of Yerevan State Medical University (YSMU) after Heratsi reports.

It is reported that the Council of Tehran State Medical University decided by this symbolic step to designate the establishment of effective cooperation and long-term ties with YSMU.

“The monument to the famous Armenian scientist will be erected in the square of Tehran University as a sign of cooperation and friendship between the two countries and universities,” the press release said.

In response, the YSMU Council decided to place a monument to a medieval Persian scientist, philosopher and physician Avicenna (Ibn Sina) in the newly constructed Medical Park in Yerevan.

It is also noted that in the new academic year, both universities are planning mutual visits, exchange programs that will open new perspectives for students and clinical residents of both universities.

Mkhitar Heratsi is a classic of Armenian medieval medicine, the author of the famous publication “Consolation in Fever”, treatises, encyclopedic works on surgery, diet and psychotherapy.

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