British Prime Minister of Turkish origin

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Turkey celebrates the election of Boris Johnson as prime minister of the United Kingdom, emphasizing his partially Turkish origin. Turkish politicians and media claim that the “Ottoman grandson” can strengthen ties between the two countries, Reuters reports.

Former Mayor of London is the great-grandson of the last Ottoman Interior Minister Ali Kemal, and his ancestors were a source of pride for many Turks.

Despite his sometimes dismissive remarks about Turkey, including an insulting verse addressed to President Tayyip Erdogan and demands in 2016 that the UK vetoed Turkey’s accession to the European Union, some Turkish media affectionately call Johnson “Boris Turk”.

Like Johnson, his great-grandfather was a journalist who entered the government, but this step was unsuccessful. In the last days of the Ottoman Empire, Kemal was captured and murdered by nationalists.

Erdogan congratulated Johnson on Twitter, adding that relations between Turkey and the UK will improve.

Johnson's relations with Turkey were sometimes difficult. Three years ago, he won the first place in the competition of British magazines, in which readers were asked to write texts about Erdogan "as dirty and offensive as possible".

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