Turkey "sets mines" under its relations with the West


The government of Turkey continues to “set mines” under its relations with the United States and the West with some inexplicable persistence. Not having had time to "digest" the military-technical bargain for the purchase of the Russian S-400 air defense systems, Ankara opened another front of struggle - against the West. The reason is Turkish ships that illegally appeared in the exclusive economic zone of the Republic of Cyprus. They are drilling in order to search for oilfields.

Since the autumn of last year, Turkey has sent a vessel to the Cyprus waters for drilling. This year already two ships were sent for geological exploration to the eastern section of the Mediterranean Sea. Many countries and international structures regarded these steps of Turkey as an encroachment on the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus.

Numerous appeals and demands were sent to Ankara to remain committed to the norms of international law and to respect the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus. But all these signals in no way affected the illegal actions of the Turkish authorities. So, the European Union (EU) was forced to decide on the imposition of sanctions against Turkey.

It is envisaged that the Council of Europe will reduce Turkey’s financial assistance for 2020 by 146 million euros. At the same time, the European Investment Bank was invited to revise the conditions for providing material assistance to Turkey.

Turkey responds to such a tough international response with tougher and more decisive actions. In particular, the Turkish Foreign Ministry responded in writing to the EU’s decision to impose sanctions, noting that in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea the Turks will continue to drill wells and the EU’s decision will not affect them. Foreign Minister Mevlüt авavusoglu, in turn, said that if such measures were applied to Turkey, it would further intensify its actions and send the fourth ship to the Mediterranean. 

Such a tough confrontation between Turkey and the West in the Mediterranean Sea portends a new stage of escalation, because of which “black clouds" will thicken not only over Turkey’s head, but over all regional politics.

The fact is that Turkey is speculating on the factor of the Turks living in Cyprus and demands to recognize their equal rights along with the Greeks in the matter of using the Mediterranean rich natural resources. A gross violation of international law, Turkey continues its expansionist policy, which began in 1974, when the Turkish armed forces invaded the north of the island of Cyprus and occupied it. The international community seems to have allowed it. And now, Turkey has begun to seize the waters of Cyprus and assign gas reserves, since from the very moment of seizing the territory of the island it feels invincible and unpunished.

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