Turkey using soldier’s weapon or judge’s hammer against Kurds

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From the day of its foundation (1962) to this day, the constitutional court of Turkey has put an end to the existence and activities of about two dozen political parties.

A few years ago, the Turkish constitutional court decided to dissolve the pro-Kurdish Democratic Party. Party leader Ahmet Turk was deprived of his deputy mandate.

Thus, an attempt was made to break the back of the political struggle of the Turkish Kurds. To protect their own rights and interests, the Kurds were again forced to rely on street and guerrilla fighting. Although official Ankara managed to close the Kurdish party, it could not stop the Kurds’ political struggle.

They followed the path of creating new political force, and, after a short period of time, The Peoples' Democratic Party appeared on the arena, which began to pursue pro-Kurdish policies. It even managed to become a parliamentary force, breaking the threshold and entering the Turkish majlis.

At present, although the fate of the pro-Kurdish party is not decided in the Constitutional Court of Turkey, an attempt is made to decapitate the party, subjecting the charismatic leader of the The Peoples' Democratic Party Selahattin Demirtaş to political and criminal prosecution.

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