The US does not know the Iranian people: Iran Mejlis Speaker

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The problem of the Americans is that they do not know the Middle East, in particular the Iranian people. They believe that their warships in the region could force Iran to surrender. This was announced on Tuesday by the speaker of the Iranian parliament.

Ali Larijani noted that "Mr. Trump should understand that when someone uses the language of intimidation against a civilized nation, it becomes more cohesive."

Larijani added that the threats of the American leader only united various political movements in Iran.

On July 1, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the reserves of uranium enriched to 3.67% in the country exceeded the volumes of 300 kg.

"According to the information I received, Iran, as planned, exceeded the reserves of 300 kg. The Iranian side had previously made it clear what it was going to do" the Iranian Foreign Minister said.

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