Little things that are not trivial at all

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One of the most important conditions for the existence of any state is to ensure national security.

And the question here is not at all about the proper protection of the country's borders, the effective fight against enemy intelligence, or even the victory in the information war.

The listed preconditions are only the tip of a giant iceberg called “national security”. And “underneath” there are numerous other factors: political, spiritual, economic, social, cultural, educational, and even psychological, which in one way or another have a huge impact on the country's state security system. Moreover, the influence of these factors is growing in direct proportion to the development of information technology.

The axiom “there are no trifles”, first of all, should be learned by the state bodies, weighing every voiced oral or written statement, of course, before making it public, and also interfering or even warning within the law those public initiatives that could obviously public interest or, worse, state security.

In order to make this thought more understandable, I will give a few fresh examples.

The other day, when it came to reducing the number of ministries and their reconstruction, it was announced that henceforth the Ministry of Transport, Communications and IT will be called the Ministry of High Technologies and Military Industry. Obviously, the expression “military industry” is, to put it mildly, superfluous. In the future, it may give our enemies a reason for speculation, hindering effective international cooperation in this important area.

And it’s good that during yesterday’s briefing the Acting Minister of Transport (and, in all likelihood, the future minister) Mr. Arshakyan touched on this issue, in fact, recognizing that the name needs to be changed. But work must and must be done in silence, without loud statements.

Furthermore, on January 12 - the day of the anniversary of the terrible and brutal crime committed in Gyumri, committed by the Russian servicemen, a protest action will be held.

It turns out that the organizers will protest against the "continuing crimes by the military base." In fact, the issue of the withdrawal of the 102nd military base from Armenia, which is periodically raised by certain political forces and irresponsible leaders, will be raised again. To understand what consequences this may have for the national security of Armenia, it is enough to take a ride from Gyumri to Armavir only once, paying attention to the territory on the right.

I'll be brief. I believe our executive branch should express its authoritative opinion for the final closure of this topic.

And the last example. From now on, recruits serving in military service will be allowed to carry mobile phones with them, albeit deprived of photo and video.

No matter how well-founded the arguments of our high-ranking military officials, in particular, RA Defense Ministry spokesman Artsrun Hovhannisyan, whatever logical shades they contain, first you need to think carefully: is it worth taking this risk in the current technological equipment? Not surprisingly, the extremely negative reaction of a number of reputable military leaders, in particular, the legendary Commandos, which, unfortunately, was ignored.

These, at first glance, dissimilar examples are interrelated and are intended to indicate that there are no trifles in the field of national security.

Any question concerning this sphere should be thoroughly studied, taking into account all the available factors. Not every mistake can be corrected in the future without consequences, of course, negative ones.

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