Scientists discover main theory the Earth origin

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Scientists from the University of California at Davis are close to understanding the processes that led to the emergence of the Earth. The results of their research were published on December 5 on the portal

There are three main theories about the origin of the Earth. The first assumes that the planet has grown rapidly from two to five million years, capturing the necessary for life water and gases from the clouds surrounding the young Sun. The other says that the Earth has developed slowly due to meteorites rich in water, nitrogen and oxygen. According to the third hypothesis, the dust particles turned into celestial bodies (planetimostals) under the influence of the Sun, and then became the source of the necessary compounds.

Experts analyzed the ratio of neon isotopes captured by the Earth’s mantle during the formation of the planet. Neon was chosen because it is a noble inert gas, which is not affected by chemical and biological processes, so it permanently stores information about its origin.

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