Premiere of a musical about Charles Aznavour's life to be held in Hollywood

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The premiere of the musical about the life of the world-famous chansonnier Charles Aznavour will be held on October 12 at The Hotel Café in Hollywood. 

The author of the musical is Taleen Babayan, the musical is based on reliable sources, including the basis of two unpublished autobiographies of Aznavour.

The work includes the most important moments of the life of the chansonnier, a personal and professional struggle that the great chansonnier encountered on his creative path before he became world famous.

The 90-minute show is a tribute to the memory of the French chansonnier Charles Aznavour, a famous representative of the golden age of French music.

Maurice Sujyan and Bernard K. Bayer will play in the musical Charles, both as maestro, and Mariette Sujyan will play Edith Piaf.

“Aznavour achieved success not only in his genre, but also in other musical genres, while never forgetting about his roots,” said Taleen Babayan.

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