First festival of Armenian khorovats was held in Rostov, Russia (video)

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In the Armenian-populated village of Chaltyr of the Rostov Oblast of Russia, the first khorovats (barbecue) festival was held. 

The participants of the festival, the best chefs of Chaltyr not only competed in preparing the most delicious Armenian barbecue, but also shared their gastronomic secrets with the guests of the event.

“You need to put all your soul into the marinade, in frying and then you will have the most delicious khorovats in the world,” the Don 24 TV channel quotes the participant of the festival Ruslan Tashiyan

At the festival in the village of Chaltyr, which is considered the barbecue capital of southern Russia, a corner with Armenian pastries was also organized - everyone could taste the famous quinoa pies, Armenian sweets and other goodies.

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