Governor of Vayots Dzor Province announces decision to resign

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Governor of Armenia’s Vayots Dzor Province Trdat Sargsyan issued a statement announcing his resignation.

“Dear residents of Vayots Dzor Province,

Dear citizens and friends,

Taking into account the recent painful incident in Yeghegnadzor town, I consider it necessary to present the following clarifications:

As I said previously, I was at home during that incident: I have presented proofs for this fact to the investigation body. I am confident that an objective investigation will be carried out and those found guilty will be punished.

Nevertheless, once again denying my connection to this incident, in addition attaching more importance to the establishment of a political ethic and a political responsibility in new Armenia, I announce that I made a decision to step down as Governor of Vayots Dzor Province after the completion of the large-scale strategic military exercises which launch today.

It was a great honor for me to serve in such a unique province like Vayots Dzor, communicate and work with the residents of the province every day who are proud, diligent people full of love towards life and belief towards the future.

I would like to thank the Armenian Prime Minister and my political team for the trust given to me at this responsible period”, the Governor said in the statement.

He also thanked the staff of the governorate for joint work.

“I am confident that the works will continue in Vayots Dzor province and the life of its residents will gradually improve”, he said, adding that he prays for the recovery of Ara Mkhitaryan.

On September 17 a brawl occurred in Yeghegnadzor town, involving Lieutenant Colonel Ara Mkhitaryan and Harutyun Grigoryan, assistant to the governor of Vayots Dzor Province. According to some reports, Governor of Vayots Dzor Province Trdat Sargsyan also was involved in the incident. Lieutenant Colonel Ara Mkhitaryan has been hospitalized and is in critical condition. Harutyun Grigoryan has been charged and is arrested.

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