CNN's Piers Morgan urges Arsenal, Chelsea against going to Baku for UEL final

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English broadcaster and journalist, Arsenal supporter Piers Morgan has urged the Gunners, and their opponents Chelsea, to boycott this month’s Europa League Final after it was revealed that midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan will not be traveling to Baku for the match.

Mkhitaryan is the captain of Armenia’s national team, and Armenia, Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) and Azerbaijan are involved in long dispute.

“No,” Morgan wrote in response to Arsenal’s tweet announcing their decision to leave Mkhitaryan behind. “This is ridiculous.

“Tell @UEFA that because of security concerns THEY have caused with this ridiculous choice of venue, NONE of our squad will now be making the trip to Baku. Grow a pair, Arsenal.”

In a series of tweet, Morgan said UEFA should move the Europa League Final to Wembley.

"Seriously, Arsenal fans? We're going to leave our man behind because he's Armenian? This is a total disgrace. We must all boycott the game until UEFA move it.

"You have many Armenian fans, @ChelseaFC - are you going to stand by & do nothing about this @HenrikhMkh situation??????

"If both teams refuse to play in Baku, @UEFA will have to move the game.

"Subsitute 'Messi' or 'Ronaldo' for 'Mkhitaryan' - still think we'd even be having this debate? UEFA would move the final."

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