Vladimir Putin is symbol of strong Russia

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Today Vladimir Putin, one of the most respected and, at the same time, controversial politicians in the world, President of the Russian Federation is celebrating his birthday.

You can love Putin or not (although love can hardly be called a political category), you can agree with his politics or not, but one thing is clear: one must respect Putin.

Many accuse Vladimir Putin of the fact that today Russia has almost no true allies in the world, not to mention friends, but few people bother to think about why this is so. Just as few people think about why in the 90s, Yeltsin’s Russia was much more attractive to the rest of the world?

As a citizen of another country, I experienced almost physical pain when I saw on the TV screen how Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin was being pulled down from the airplane on arms, how he selflessly “conducted” the Berlin orchestra in front of the whole world, as his friend Bill did not even try to restrain laughter after his, to put it mildly, not very clear words. These were the years when everybody robbed and humiliated the richest and most powerful country in the world, while swearing to her eternal love. Russia was good then.

And then Putin came and said: stop! Having inherited a country that was ruined and on its kneels (forgive me, Russian friends), he began to slowly but steadily raise it, and most importantly, to restore the nation’s national identity and pride in their country. 

What is happening today in the international arena, speaks only about one thing: the superpowers of this world do not need a strong Russia. 

Let me, as a citizen of this world, say with all my heart that I also consider Russia a guarantor of peace and security on the planet.

Happy birthday, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Live a long life and hold the steering wheel of the most powerful and most honest state in the world in your hands! Rest assured, you have a lot of like-minded people and allies in the world! God bless you.

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