Undermining of the Georgian-Azerbaijani relations

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We already had a reason to write about a noticeable cooling of Georgian-Azerbaijani relations. Even with the naked eye one can see that a whole “tangle” of contradictions arose between the two countries due to political and economic problems.

Azerbaijani propaganda openly accuses the Georgian authorities of creating favorable conditions for activities on its territory of the so-called anti-Aliyev underground, regarding this as an enemy gesture against Ilham Aliyev.

In fact, the Azerbaijani side tried to ensure that public figures and journalists who were dissatisfied with the Aliyev regime and found refuge in Georgia, against many of whom criminal proceedings were instituted in Azerbaijan, were arrested and extradited, but the Georgian authorities did not take this step. There are other signs of tension in Georgian-Azerbaijani relations.

The level of official contacts between the two countries has unprecedentedly decreased. The situation, apparently, did not improve even after the meeting of the President of Azerbaijan and the Prime Minister of Georgia in Davos.

However, there are no expert comments on this issue, which indicates that the parties have not achieved any fundamental progress. This Georgian-Azerbaijani tension should somehow manifest itself. And here was a convenient excuse.

According to media reports, a monument to Mikayel Avagyan, killed during the Artsakh war, was unveiled in Akhalkalaki municipality the other day. The event was attended by representatives of the city authorities, the Armenian deputies of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia. The construction of the monument to Mikayel Avagyan was undoubtedly agreed with the local authorities.

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