Peace or ethnic discrimination?

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On March 12, two major events related to the Artsakh conflict took place at once.

We all know about the first, the joint meeting of the Security Councils of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh was held in Stepanakert. There were two important issues on the agenda: the current state of the negotiation process in the light of the latest statement of the OSCE Minsk Group and the clarification of joint Armenian-Artsakh actions.

First, the Prime Minister noted that the relations between the two Armenian states "are entering a qualitatively new stage". Stressing that the involvement of the official Stepanakert in the negotiation process is not someone’s whim, but a necessity, and also that “today there is no representative authorized to represent the people of Artsakh, there is no subject at the negotiation table powers from the people of Artsakh”, the Prime Minister, on the one hand, once again assured that Armenia will never take action that will not express the will of the people of Artsakh. Of course, it was also a diplomatic slap in the face to the President of Azerbaijan, who likes to speak “on behalf of the Azerbaijani community of Karabakh”.

Without going into details of Pashinyan’s speech on the “three basic principles and elements” of the upcoming talks, I want to bring the Prime Minister’s ideas on peace. In particular, the statement that “not only the Azerbaijani authorities, but also Armenia’s authorities should prepare the Azerbaijani society for peace", seemed rather ambitious.

“Unfortunately, we don’t see any commensurate actions on the part of the President of Azerbaijan”, - after which the Prime Minister stressed the readiness to continue the dialogue not only with the President of Azerbaijan, but also with the people of this country, because, according to Pashinyan, it is peace-loving, like the Armenian people, the people of Artsakh”.

In a country where the brutal murder of Armenian officer Gourgen Margaryan was not condemned, moreover, the criminal was made a hero in a country where they did not even try to prevent mockery of the killed Armenian soldier Kyaram Sloyan, moreover, these horrific footage were proudly displayed in the network, it is simply unrealistic to expect dealing with with “peace-loving people”.

The second event, which, by an amazing coincidence, happened the same evening, is the call, issued on the official website of the Russian Foreign Ministry - a warning to citizens of the Russian Federation of Armenian origin, in which it was advised to “carefully weigh the likely risks when planning trips to Azerbaijan”, since “the Russian side's repeated calls, addressing the Azerbaijani side about the inadmissibility of discriminatory actions against arriving in the country based on ethnicity of Russian citizens were ignored”.

“It is motivated by the impossibility of ensuring the personal safety of such persons”. Here is what we have with this peace-loving nation.

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