What political forces are in favor of sharp changes in Armenia’s foreign policy?

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5 out of 11 political forces, participating in the elections to the National Assembly of Armenia support sharp changes in foreign policy. In this sense, the most radical is the party “Sasna Tsrer”. This was announced at a press conference by Arman Ghukasyan, chairperson of the party “In the name of social justice”, who also presented election programs of political forces on foreign policy in details.

According to Ghukasyan, the “Sasna Tsrer” party is in favor of Armenia’s withdrawal from the CSTO and the EEU, as well as the withdrawal of the Russian border troops and the 102nd military base from Armenia.

The “We” alliance also supports the withdrawal of Armenia from the EEU, noting that this integration union has given nothing to our country.

The election program of the party “Citizen’s Decisions” states that bilateral agreements between Armenia and Russia should be revised, in particular, on the military base in Gyumri and the Russian border troops.

Referring to another new political force - the National Progress party, Ghukasyan recalled that this party recently announced that the EEU is a closed dictatorial club. This force also turns to the West in external relations and is for deepening and developing cooperation with the EU.

On the part of the Christian People’s Party, political scientist Levon Shirinyan, had questions as they claim that they are an Armenian-centric force and do not prefer either the West or Russia, however, Shirinyan himself has repeatedly stated that he supports the “Sasna Tsrer” party.

The speaker stressed that the approaches of the political forces are important not only in domestic, but also in foreign policy, hoping that the voter will make his choice, being well aware of these programs.

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