UNESCO program to assess the situation of intangible cultural heritage safeguarding in Armenia

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From May 26 to June 2, the UNESCO program - Assessment of Needs for the Application of the Convention "On the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage” will be implemented in Armenia.

According to the Ministry of Culture of Armenia, the goal of the program is to study the work on the implementation of the Convention in Armenia and assess the current situation of preserving intangible cultural heritage, basic needs, regulation of the legislative field, the formal and informal education system, as well as identify priorities aimed at developing the sphere.

It was organized with the cooperation of the Sofia Regional Research Center on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of South-Eastern Europe, the National Commission of UNESCO of Armenia and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia.

In March 2019, the Sofia Center carried out a selection of experts participating in the program, with the result that an expert accredited by UNESCO, A. Stashkevich (Republic of Belarus) was elected. On these days, an expert in Armenia will make excursions to various places.

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