Judicial reforms require balanced approaches: "In the name of social justice" Party statement

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The "In the name of social justice" party issued a statement regarding the recent events around the country's judicial system.

The statement reads:

"It is difficult to deny that the judicial system of Armenia needs to be reformed, and the judiciary should be replenished with new professionals who are not subject to any significant political influence and corruption risks. However, the question is how we want to achieve these goals.

It is hardly possible to consider actions, taken by the executive power in relation to the existing courts on May 19-20, acceptable.

Firstly, these actions meant putting unprecedented pressure on the judicial branch of government, which is independent according to the Constitution. The ruling party again, as in the autumn of last year, created an emergency situation and announced measures that do not correspond to the normal logic of political processes in a state of law.

Secondly, personal political preferences obviously played a key role in this whole situation. Such a “transition to persons” cannot but harm the national interests of our country. Any political contradictions should be resolved in the legal field and within the framework of a healthy political competition.

In connection with these circumstances, “In the name of social justice” party considers it necessary to remain in the existing legal field and refrain from “cleansing” the judiciary, which are unlikely to be perceived with understanding both within Armenia and on the part of our international partners. 

Judicial reform, like any other reform in our country, requires much more balanced approaches, including long-term cultivation and attraction of new personnel, increasing transparency of the judicial decision-making process, and improving the technical side of the courts. "

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