Mochas that you should try out at home

Chocolate lovers always want the flavor and addition of chocolate in every food item. That’s the reason why there is Nutella Tea, Chocolate pizza and mocha. Mocha is chocolate coffee. There are many types of it. Some are even must-try and must to make. Top three of them are:

Classic Starbucks Café Mocha: If you are fan of Starbucks and want to make Starbuck like coffee yourself then this recipe is for you. To make classic café-styled mocha you need to put chocolate syrup of two spoons in the large mug. Add espresso or brewed coffee in the mug. Meanwhile heat the milk and add steamed milk over the espresso. Add vanilla extract in the mug and stir it. After this, put cream and chunks of chocolate to make the coffee lip-smacking. So, that’s how you can make Starbucks-styled mocha within fifteen minutes and enjoy the evening or night. You can even have it in morning too.

Dark Chocolate Mocha: It is the best mocha to have late night and enjoy the starlight and moonlight. To make it, you just need five to six ingredients. For this: milk, sugar, cream, coffee, cocoa powder and vanilla extra extract. The first step is to brew the coffee. Second step involves combining milk, sugar, cocoa and vanilla together and heat them. You need to whisk them some times to produce foam. Thirdly, add coffee in the mugs then add milk mixture over it. Put cream at the top and chocolate crunches. Thus, your coffee is ready to drink and enjoy.

White Chocolate Mocha: White chocolate lovers and lazy people can make mocha to and have their favorite flavors within minutes and seconds, if you are superfast. To make white chocolate mocha, you just have to put a small bar of white chocolate in the mug, add some milk in it and microwave it for 30 minutes. After heating it, stir the spoon and mix the chocolate in the milk. Meanwhile, brew the coffee. It is better to go with espresso. Add brewed espresso in the mug, stir it, Add cream at the top with chocolate crunches and syrup and serve it. Your white chocolate mocha is ready to have. So, these are a few mocha which you can make at home fast and easily. You don’t need to buy tons of things and items to make them. You just need milk, coffee, chocolate and cream. You don’t need to be able to make specialty coffee in Dubai to prepare them. You just need to click here to know more recipes and try them. Try these recipes and become a coffee expert in your own way. Visit for further details.

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